The Disabled Crusader

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

To Battle in the evil empire in Springfield.

It's fitting that the site of Wilson's Creek civil war Battle will be the site of a new battle this weekend. I'm going to Springfield MO Friday with my activist group ADAPT to "talk" to Missouri Governor Matt Blunt about why he hates the kids on the little bus, yeah those of us with football helmets and bout his severe budget cuts to medicaid and other programs that help the disabled.
Not even JOhn Ashcroft, Darth Vader himself, cut these valuable programs, among them, my favorite, HOme and Community based services. HCBS allow people with disabilities to live at home. Adapt wants to save him some money. But he doesn't want those savings, because of his ideology. He thinks it's better to keep us imprisoned in nursing homes than to be free in the community.
Because Nursing homes are big business that generate lots of money and are politically powerful. While attendants that help us be free in the community only make a pittance and have little political power at all. Just another example of Matt's cowardice.

He's like the cowardly lion but even the cowardly lion can stand up. He cuts programs that will affect about ninety thousand poor or retarded people, including, the First Steps program for Disabled kids age 0 to three that help them learn to walk and talk and assess their needs. The MO legislature restored First Steps, but Blunt wanted it cut. He did manage to cut the pre-school program for children with Downs syndrome.

COWARD! He says that something had to be done about the budget but what he did was take on four year olds with downs. HOw brave. Howcan they fight the governor? If he really wanted to make a tough choice, he could have raised taxes. Take on someone your own size. The governor of Indiana picked the high road. He proposed a tax hike instead of these same cuts. He's a republican. He has some balls!

So, even though I live in Kansas, my adapt chapter is going to Springfield to support our wronged Missouri brethren. OUr equipment will include our Wheel chairs AND our megphones and Matt Blunt will find the battle of his life at Wilson's Creek.

The ADA: Fact and Fiction

Hi again, This is the disabled Crusader. Sorry I'm late I had some trouble finding a typist. I'd like to talk about the Americans with Disabilities act and the judiciary, specifically, Judge William H Prior. For fifteen years the Americans with disabilities act has provided persons with disabilities with their civil rights. That is what the ADA is, a civil rights law. Judge Prior's views of the ADA are misguided. For instance, take the case of a student that was in wheelchair that was trying to get to the disabilities service center at a college. The thing was that the disabilitities cservice center was on the second floor but there was no elevator.
The student sued under title two of the ADA which bans discrimination in State and local government. Judge Prior, then AG of Alabama argued that congress had no authority to mandate that the state of Alabama or that college had to be accessible. The supreme court overruled the ruling.
I believe MR. Prior needs to have a clearer understanding of the ADA. The point of the ADA is not to cause financial burdens to business or local government, the point is to allow Persons with disabilities to participate fully in society. We don't just want to get into a restaurant and eat, we want to pay to. We want to contribute in the economics of society as much as any other part.
Prior has not ever questioned the meaining of the Civil Rights act (though he did question the voting rights act of 1965) so why then does he question the meaning of the ADA?
IT's because a state actually has to expend money, make physical alterations, and I believe it is somewhat the stigma and stereotyping that comes with disability. We're all bumbling idiots and moochers.
Why's he so afraid of us? For that matter why is George W. Bush so hell bent on getting this bigot through. It is somehow ironic that he would appoint a Judge that would overturn a law that his father signed.